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From idea to reality

Our process and services take you right from the conception of the design through to your plans for Building Approval. We are able to organise quotes on your behalf and engage with all required Consultants needed to achieve Approvals and will have you ready for hand over to your Builder to begin construction.

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All Types of Projects

New Homes



Secondary Dwellings (Granny Flats)


Carports & Sheds

Pools & Decks

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Tailored Levels of Service

We recognise that every project and client is unique and provide different levels of service according to your needs.


Suitable for small projects where client is confident to manage approval, consultant and council process autonomously


Site Research and Project Feasibility

On-Site Analysis / Measure

Concept Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevation and a Perspective (Sketch)

Client Variations (Design Amendments) x2


Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations & Sections. Demolition Plan, Roof Plan, Slab / Plumbing Layout, Subfloor Layout, Construction Details and any other plans required for approval (as required)


Suitable for projects where client would like to specify their own materials and finishes


All Inclusions from Basic Level of Service

Order Required Council Plans & Reports

Consultant Assistance (as required)


Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, 1x Section & Demolition Plan (as required)

Additional Drawings: Electrical and Floor Covering Layouts

Computer Generated White Model

Client Variations (Design Amendments) x2

Consultant Assistance (as required)


All Inclusions from Basic Level of Service

Consultant Assistance (as required)

Approval Application / Certification Assistance (as required)


Suitable for projects where client would like to utilise our full design service


All Inclusions from Essential Level of Service

Additional Drawings: Site Analysis Plan


All Inclusions from Essential Level of Service

Interior Elevations (Wet Areas & Features)

Exterior Material Selection

3D Colour Render Image (Perspective)


All Inclusions from Essential Level of Service

Additional Drawings: Window & Door Schedule, Driveway Details (as required)


Luca Studio offers FREE local Site Consultations. The Site Consultation gives the opportunity for general site discussion in regards to design advice, what you can and can’t do, whats achievable, possible site issues, council and certification process as well as help with any other questions you might have. It also gives us the opportunity to understand the scope of your project in order to provide a customised quote. We also offer the Site Consultation in surrounding areas for a small travel cost. Enquire today for your Site Consultation.

Our Process

Concept Design STage

The Concept Design is where every project begins. It’s where we focus on the big picture of the design, including a detailed look into our clients wants and needs as well as the sites characteristics, restraints and opportunities. Bringing all of this research together we begin to design and bring the concept to life.

The end goal of this stage is to have finalised the overall concept including its style, form and layout. It’s important to finalise the big picture of the design before we delve more deeply into details in the stages to come.

Throughout this stage we will conduct a site visit, complete briefing, feasibility & site research, and complete the Concept Design plans.

It’s important at the beginning of this stage to provide us with any inspiration you have for your project, so feel free to email as many images as you like or even create a Pinterest board and invite us to view.

Design Development Stage

After completing the Concept Design it’s time to press into the details of your project. The Design Development stage is where the design is explored further and a more detailed look is made into how the design will be resolved and constructed.

By the end of this stage the plans will have taken on more detail including a Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations and a Section as well as any other plans required to communicate and explore the design. 

During this stage we will also obtain quotes on your behalf for any relevant Consultants for your project, affecting this stage. For example your site may be affected by flood, character, acoustic overlays or require a HSTP, environment or bushfire specialist, these consultants will provide professional advice which may further affect the deign and its construction. We are able to engage and communicate with these consultants on your behalf, taking the stress out of it for you and making the whole process more enjoyable.

It’s also worth considering at this point whether you would like to get any specialist advice for your project. Whether it’s getting a Cost Estimator or Builder to provide an estimate on the construction cost of your project or involving your chosen interior designer, decorator, landscaper or lighting designer.

(Please note our ‘Basic’ Level of Service does not include this stage)

Working Drawings Stage

Once the Design Development has been finalised we will commence the Building Approval Plans stage where we will prepare the plans with all the relevant details, plans and information for Building Approval and tendering for Construction. 

Floor Layout, Roof Plan, Additional Sections and Details are added to the plans in order to communicate the construction of the project and its compliance with Australian Standards and State / Local Regulations.

If selected in the level of service, as part of this stage we will also obtain quotes and engage with the Consultants required to meet the appropriate documentation for Building Approval., including the Energy Efficiency Consultant and the Structural Engineer who will prepare the structural design. Finally we work with the Certifier who will organise your Building Approval and any final changes required will be made to the plans based on the information provided by these Consultants to achieve your projects Approval.